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Baseline Radon Services, LLC is committed to improving your indoor air quality.  Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  Smoking is the first.

Many areas of Indiana are in the EPA’s Radon Zone 1, including Indianapolis and southern Indiana areas.  Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water.  It is found in all 50 states.

As a Licensed Home Inspector, I have seen many homes and commercial buildings test high for this odorless, colorless, tasteless gas.  With my 30 year background as a carpenter and general contractor, I have the knowledge of construction to design, construct and install radon mitigation systems in the most structurally sound way.  As the father of a 13 year old boy, I can relate to your desire to provide the safest environment possible.


Bruce Kramer

Indiana Home Inspector’s License # HI01200027

Indiana Radon Mitigation License # RTM00767

Indiana Radon Measurement Provider License # RTS00771

NRPP ID #108266 RMT National Radon Mitigation License

NRPP ID #108288 RT National Radon Measurement Provider

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